Literacy Assessment Portfolio

_MG_9256The AMDSB Literacy Assessment Portfolio is a resource to support teachers in classroom assessment for learning.

The Portfolio:

  • Is an integral part of ongoing, authentic classroom assessment.
  • Contains results from assessments administered from JK until benchmarks are met, to support transitions between grades.
  • Allows teachers to track the progress of individual students over time, and may be used to plan instructional strategies as part of ongoing assessment for learning.
  • Provides information for Educators to support growth in early literacy behaviours and reading development.
  • Assists in identifying students who are in need of early intervention in literacy.
  • Identifies¬†considerations for mastery for¬†assessment tools.

Literacy Assessment Portfolio Appendices Revised May 2017

LAP Procedure Handbook Revised May 2017

Foundational Practices: Running Records (website)

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