Literacy Assessment Portfolio

_MG_9256The AMDSB Literacy Assessment Portfolio is a resource to support teachers and administrators in classroom assessment for learning, and as they plan for school improvement in early literacy.  The Literacy Assessment Portfolio may also be used as evidence of learning in conjunction with the AMDSB Early and Ongoing Identification Procedures.

The Portfolio:

  • Is an integral part of ongoing, authentic classroom assessment.
  • Contains results from assessments administered from JK until benchmarks are met, to support transitions between grades.
  • Allows teachers to track the progress of individual students over time, and may be used to plan instructional strategies as part of ongoing assessment for learning.
  • Provides information for Educators to support growth in early literacy behaviours and reading development.
  • Assists in identifying students who are in need of early intervention in literacy (Early and Ongoing Identification/Team Meeting).
  • Identifies targets for Running Records and other assessment tools.
  • Offers a standardized format, procedures, materials and suggested timelines for assessing student progress.

Video:  Overview of LAP

Literacy Assessment Portfolio Appendices Revised May 2017

LAP Procedure Handbook Revised May 2017

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