Provocations for Reflective Practice

Provocations for Reflective Practice are documents that have been developed during conversations between and amongst educator teams regarding current kindergarten practices.  Each issue reveals a misconception and delves into Kindergarten Program connections. Strategies provided by classroom educators and current resource lists help inform pedagogical practices that address misconceptions. Reflective questions are provided to serve as starting points for conversations.

These documents, expected to be released in a series over the upcoming months, have been developed in consultation with experienced Early Learning Educators in AMDSB. They are the result of honest, rich and prolonged conversations, including the sharing of documentation and the articulation of effective practices.

Please take some time to read and reflect upon the provocations within each issue. We hope that this inspires  further conversations with your educator partner or teams.

Misconceptions_1 Honouring Small Group Instruction in Kindergarten

Misconceptions_2 Honouring Printing in Kindergarten

Misconception_3 Honouring Writing in Kindergarten