Assessment and Communication of Learning in Kindergarten

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Assessment is an integral part of the Kindergarten Program. The Program document states:

“Assessment is key to children’s learning in kindergarten. It takes place concurrently with instruction and is an integral part of learning.” p. 36

The Growing Success – Kindergarten Addendum is a vital resource for educators as they reflect on the evidence of learning they have gathered and consider how varied sources of information, including documentation, can inform practice and be shared with families.

Assessment for, as and of Learning are embedded in the kindergarten program and educators document and reflect on student progress throughout this cycle. In particular, educators Notice and Name the Learning, as a precursor to understanding learning goals and success criteria in later grades. This is integral to “making thinking visible.” For more information on making thinking visible, please visit the Documentation and Documentation and Display resources on this website.

When formally communicating learning to families, educators must use the Communication of Learning templates designated by the Ministry of Education. There are many resources available to support educators as they complete these templates:

Online Ministry Resources:

Growing Success: The Kindergarten Addendum

The Kindergarten Program 2016 – p.308 Appendices

Communicating with Parents About Children’s Learning: A Guide for Kindergarten

Educators Draft

Full-Day Kindergarten: Understanding Your Child’s Reports



AMDSB Landscape Resource: Overview and Sample Comments

Landscape for Educators Approaching the Initial Observations and Communication of Learning


In order to complete the Initial Observations and Communication of Learning templates, it is recommended that educators develop a strong understanding of the Four Frames of the Kindergarten program, as the essence of the formal communication with families is captured using the Four Frames. To aid program planning from the Four Frames perspective, and to assist with documentation and communication within these contexts, please visit the Planning for Learning resource on this website.