Learning Goals

Brief statements that describe for students what they should know and be able to do at the end of a lesson, or series of lessons (leading toward achievement of Overall and Specific Ontario Curriculum expectations). The goals represent subsets or clusters of knowledge and skills that the student must master to successfully achieve the overall curriculum expectations. whereamigoing

The learning goals should be in student language and so will depend on the age of the student. Many times learning goals may be described orally and don’t necessarily have to be written down. Let’s look at a subject like Physical Education, for example: We are learning to shoot a ball from a dribbling motion using a lay-up shot.

Tips for writing Learning Goals:

  • Don’t get trapped into thinking you will only be able to teach to the goals
  • Keep the number of learning goals manageable and realistic
  • Use language that is discipline specific and appropriate to the curriculum
  • You don’t have to write learning goals for every lesson…the majority of learning goals are developed for a longer period of study

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