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New Pedagogies for Deep Learning

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Avon Maitland District School Board, has always been at the forefront of investigating and implementing new, innovative and exciting educational ideas. 2014 – 2015 has proven to be no different. As part of the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning initiative, Avon Maitland District School Board has been invited to join 10 other Canadian school boards to represent the Canadian cluster in this initiative. New Pedagogies for Deep Learning is a global partnership which spans 10 countries aimed at exploring ways to revamp education, not only as a school board, a system or a province, but globally. This was an invitation our board readily accepted!

The New Pedagogies for Deep Learning project is supported by leaders in educational thought, such as Michael Fullan and John Hattie, and provides an opportunity to put both research based theories and new ideas into action. This initiative calls for schools and boards from around the world to fundamentally revise and revamp education in an age where “deep learning” is no longer a byproduct, but a requirement. In a changing world of evolving ideas, pervasive digital use and technology, and the inevitability of access to information everywhere and anywhere, the call to reimagine an education system is not only timely, but necessary.

“Education…needs to be radically rethought partly to stop the boredom, but mostly to blow the lid off learning, whereby students and teachers become captivated by education day in and day out.” 

Towards a New End: New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, p. 1

Framed by the goal to  “develop compassionate global citizens who have the ability to communicate effectively, think critically and collaborate to create knowledge and solve real-world problems in an increasingly complex and connected world”,  the connection to our own board’s student outcomes of collaboration, critical thinking, communication, creativity and problem solving is undeniable.



For information, please refer to the following resources:

Fullan, M. & Langworthy, M.  (2014). A rich seam: How new pedagogies find deep learning