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Early Years Summer Math

Kindergarten teachers and DECEs participated over the summer in a full day session on early numeracy.

Key Concepts discussed included:

The complexity of Early Mathnumberrelationships
Myths of Early Math
Key Number Sense Areas
Developmental Pathways in Number sequences, Counting, Subitizing, Part Part Whole Relationships, Near Numbers, and 5/10 anchors.
Instructional strategies in the early years


Summer Learning – Student Math Camp

This past summer grade 2 and 3 students from Little Falls PS and Romeo PS participated in Summer Math Camp, honing their skills while having fun. mathcampkids
mathcampcook 36 students attended a morning camp focused on Math for three weeks in the early summer.   The goal of the three weeks was to prevent summer learning loss and to create a positive mindset about Math.  The morning consisted of mental math review, a three part lesson, a focus on a new addition strategies, math games to review the concept, some snack preparation (baking) and inquiry.  In the afternoon students participated in a recreation program including swimming, outdoor games and other fun opportunities.

The program was a great success with students attitudes changed and math knowledge increased significantly.

Thanks to all program participants and teachers and the grant that made this possible!